Welcome to Lidget Green


Our mission is to provide a full range of high-quality assessment services in all subject areas, including both K-12 and adult education.

We have a large cadre of testing experts, some in-house and some external. Whatever the task, and whatever your requirements, we can provide the right expertise to meet your needs.

Test Development

In order to design a test of second-language ability, it is necessary to have a strong theoretical understanding of the construct being measured—usually communicative competence. In more technical terms, language tests are operationalizations of theoretical notions about what it means to know a language. We have applied linguists with the right assessment background, and we can design and construct valid language tests for you.

Validation and Research

Although the technical manual will usually provide evidence for the validity of the test, such evidence is usually gathered during the test development process. For high-stakes tests, this work needs to be supplemented by additional studies to ensure that in actual use the test is functioning as it was designed to function. And having this work carried out by independent researchers—such as Lidget Green—has obvious advantages.